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Warning when saving in LabVIEW later Version

Status: New

Hi all,
For a lot of reasons, I have to work with several LabVIEW versions.

My biggest fear is to save something in a later version : projects are quite big, and a save for previous version is hard when using terce parts (such as OpenG, JKI, etc.)

My whish would be to have a warning message when I save a vi in a new version, such as :

"You are saving a 8.2 file in 11.0 : do you want to continue ?"



Have a nice day !

Active Participant
Good idea. A nice addition might be a global option to protect VIs from being saved a newer version... Locking/unlocking is a pretty tedious workaround when working with multiple projects in multiple LV versions.
Chris Virgona
Active Participant
Hi fabric,
Your idea to add a "Locked/Unlocked" option to a vi//project is a verry good idea !
Knight of NI

@ramses64 wrote:

Your idea to add a "Locked/Unlocked" option to a vi//project is a verry good idea !

Well- you should be using some form of source control. But, at the very least protect you code by setting the windows read only property and select Treat read only vi's as locked in the enviornment page from Tools>>Options.

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
Active Participant

As an option (on/off) OK!

André Manzolli

Mechanical Engineer
Certified LabVIEW Developer - CLD
LabVIEW Champion
Curitiba - PR - Brazil

I would suggest the warning for newer version of LV should be seen when the VI is OPENED (inclucing option: Open all VIs without prompting again).

The reason for this is to avoid making a lot of changes to a VI and THEN discover that it was opened in the wrong version.


I used to have a homemade tool for this (replaced LabVIEW.exe in registry) but since LV2013 the registry is continuously  kept updated by LabVIEW overwriting my changes (just like a virus :-).



The VI is saved in a previous version of LabVIEW: 2009.

Are you shure you want to open it in the current version 2013?


Yes No


x Do this for all VIs



Kudo for Permalink: Option in Tools -> Options -> Version check at open on/off

H. Molsen, CIM Industrial Systems