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Wait (ms) with error pass-through


Maybe this has been already requested elsewhere and I'm missing it....

but it would be useful to have a Wait (ms) with connectors for error in and out.

This can help keeping the BD clean...



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Ala OpenG?



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We also have the "time delay" express VI. Do a "View as icon" and you're almost there. 😄


(Back in ~'96 I actually made such a delay myself to introduce small delays between GPIB calls. The icon had an image of a snail on it ;)) 

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Though I don't have it installed at the moment, the traditional DAQ palette (counter, I believe) has had the wait with error in/out function for many years.

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I did myself one subVI, just like the MarcoMauri idea. Adding error terminal to the standard function will not hurt anyone and will be back compatible with existing code, so kudos!

André Manzolli

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As mentioned, OpenG...


Lots of nice open-source useful VIs there.


Its funny, on advanced NI training they are now pimping VIPM 🙂

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> Its funny, on advanced NI training they are now pimping VIPM 🙂


I hope that someday we can even use OpenG and VIPM during CLD exams!  I bet we'll get there.

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  1. For completeness, would you expect an error cluster on "Wait Until Next ms Multiple", "Tick Count (ms)", and "Get Date/Time in Seconds"?
  2. My mind is blank right now, but can anyone list any functions that are guaranteed not to generate an error yet use an error cluster (in order to allow data flow enforcement)? ("Clear Errors" doesn't count!)
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Jim, let hope!


I am still surprised the number of LV developers I speak to who have never heard of either.

All your base are belong to us.

I sized mine to one terminal height since the error in and out are the only flow terminals required.  The "mSec to wait" and "cancel wait" is sectioned in the bottom middle.  This allows other terminals to flow from the previous VI to the next VI without having to go around the Wait VI.

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I have wanted this implemented for a long time. Sequence structures are frowned upon but sometimes you need to wait a bit after you do something. To accomplesh this 'dataflow enforcement'  i have even made a subvi that looks like this inside:


Somehow creating this subvi always feels necessary and pointless at the same time, like some logical conundrum. lol.

I love the openG vi's but I always fear someone would come along and try to use my code that hasn't installed the openG functions and my VIs would be broken with a mystery "?" stuck in important places 🙂


Kudos to this idea 🙂

[will work for kudos]