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Visibility of what is on the connector pane from the Block Diagram

I would love it if there were some way to understand from the block diagram what controls/indicators were connected to the connector pane of the (sub)VI vs which ones were just on the front panel (as constants or debugging information for the current (sub)VI.

I've come across too many different instances where with different coding styles I can't tell without several layers of following double-clicking of whether an item on the block diagram is connected to the connector pane or not.  If there were some glyph or outline on the BD terminal it would be most helpful.

Knight of NI
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not the same as what was linked to.  Those were "be able to edit the ConPane from the BD".  I don't care about that (well, I do, but not for this idea).  The issue is just looking at the BD, I can't tell what terminals are connected to the conpane (meaning they are used by the parent VI) and which are only used on the FP as internal debugging / constants.  If each item connected to the conpane had an extra bold outline, or something like that, it would be much easier to understand.

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Trusted Enthusiast
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yes.  This is dup from X's link

Proven Zealot