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View for driver, add-ons... dependencies

Almost every time I work on a new test system and start documenting, I can't tell which drivers, add-ons... the code depends on.

The documentation (design description) should at a minimum tell a new developer what drivers, add-ons... must be installed to have the code executable on a development machine.

I've issued a support request on this, but the support team told me that there are no such funtionality in LabVIEW. The Dependencies folder in the project gives you some indications. VI Hierarchy and VI Analyzer also give some indications. The only way to sort this out is to install LabVIEW stripped from all extras and then install one driver/add-on... at a time until your code gets executable.


My suggestion is that the LabVIEW development environment is equipped with a functionality where the drivers, add-ons... required for your code can be shown.