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Version of components should be available to the installer dialog

Status: New

When I run the installer for my application, I want to display to the user the version of the exe that will be installed.  Since this exe already exists, I should be able to embed a tag in the installer dialog text as a placeholder for this version.  Something like:


This installer will install version %my_exe_version% on your machine.


When the installer is built, the tags are replaced with the actual versions.

This should also work for all components being installed (DLLs, web services, etc)


As a bonus, it would be nice to have access to user defined tags in the build spec that can be embedded into installer dialogs.  Perhaps allowing a prerun VI to populate these so we can invent new ways of adding infomation in the future.  (like accessing user information from the OS and using that to customize the dialogs)

Certified LabVIEW Architect
1 Comment

Agreed. I've wanted to be able to do the same thing with the "Shortcuts" page in the installer properties, so that the user's desktop icon includes the build version (for example).