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Value of Child tag for newly added item in tree

Whenever we add a new item in tree programatically using "edit tree item" node,


We are not sure what tag would be set to Child Tag. Because if that tag already exists LabVIEW will appends a number to make it unique.

From help of "Edit Tree Items:Add Item Method"

The default is the string you wire to Left Cell String. If an existing tag already uses that string, LabVIEW appends a number to the string to create a unique tag for the new item.


It would be great if we can get the value of "Child Tag" as output as well, which is set by LabVIEW.

Active Participant

You do get the child-tag from the output of the top element "Edit Tree Items:Add Item". But I can agree that the documentation could be clearer on that.

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Got it. Thanks.Smiley Happy

Actually there was no help for output and I didn't check the value of output.

Example Gatekeeper
Status changed to: Already Implemented

The requested functionality is already present as described in the reply by thols. I have filed CAR 713843 against the documentation for the Add Item method to clarify that it outputs the unique tag for the new item.

DNatt, LV R&D