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VI Task Manager

Quite often I find myself running a new bit of code which contains an untested modal subvi somewhere in it's bowels, to find that the when called the modal subvi doesn't exit. Clearly there's a little bug in my code, but now I'm stuck. The modal vi has all the focus of LabVIEW, I can't close the vi, I can't abort the vi. Nothing is accessible, including the Project Explorer window.


Now what I need here is a LabVIEW Running VIs Task Manager, which allows me to simply scroll down a list of open and running vis, and abort the one that's stealing my focus.

It would probably have to operate outside the development environment to avoid being supressed itself, but presumably a standalone executable can link into LabVIEW through the server port and access the list of running vis with server calls.


This would save me from having to use Windows Task Manager and killing LabVIEW (and potentially any unsaved work)

Thoric (CLA, CLED, CTD and LabVIEW Champion)

Active Participant

Ha! I read your new idea a few days ago thinking: "Hey, that sounds familiar... haven't I heard that somewhere before?" Smiley Wink

Chris Virgona