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VI Properties: Window appearance: In development mode postpone execution of some properties

Status: Declined

Any idea that has not received any kudos within a year after posting will be automatically declined. 



Now all VI properties from VI Properties: Window appearance are applied immediately to the VI. In some cases it could lead to unwanted behaviours.


If for example in development mode we open the VI which properties are set: user cannot close window along with the flag window is modal set to on, only one way to continue is to kill the whole LV environment from the task manager. In this case it equals to lost all unsaved work.


It would be good if the VI Window appearance properties which are highlighted below, were applied when VI works with RTE engine but NOT when is the VI is open under development mode. Of course they have to be editable under the development mode, but when the VI is running in development mode LV shall ignore, in spite of the fact they are set.



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Knight of NI

To a degree, this already exists - in the application builder, you can go into the list of VIs from the project and modify their properties individually (the customize button in this image):






The main problem with this is that this is kind of hidden - it only applies to a specific build and it's not linked to the VI itself.



The other things you can do today are have some code in the VI itself (or a subVI) which controls this dynamically or use any of the available task managers which allow you to change a modal VI which is already running (or reserved) to be non-modal and show the menu.

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Valid point, but I still uphold my idea.


This feature, as you described above, belongs in 100% to builder.


It means I have to use a builder to do it.


I don't want to use the builder, as I prepare around 20 modules to be called by TestStand. I don't use a builder to populate them. It is a waste of time to create 20 separate projects, just for enabling modal feature of the window.



Proven Zealot


Many people use those properties while in the Dev environment -- indeed, many users never go to the RTE. They run their apps from within the Dev environment. And a lot of UI testing wouldn't work right if VIs didn't behave like floating windows or with full modality while in the dev environement. So we are not going to turn those off across the board.


But I am sympathetic to your general complaint. We could have some sort of annotations file attached to the project where you can say "While loaded in this project, replace the following settings on these specific VIs with these other settings". Would something like that be helpful?


Active Participant



Point is it cannot be a part of the project.


I don't want to have 20 LV projects just to deal with LV windows.


I think that feature shall be a part of the base LV environment.

Proven Zealot
Status changed to: Declined

Any idea that has not received any kudos within a year after posting will be automatically declined. 

DNatt, NI