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VI Analyzer Test - Not a Refnum Usage

Status: New

In this thread on LAVA, Aristos Queue points out some common usage patterns of the "Not A Number/Path/Refnum?" function that can result in performance problems and/or race conditions.  He recommends either (1) comparing a refnum against a null constant value, or (2) trying the refnum operation you were going to do anyway, and using the error output from that operation to determine if the refnum was valid.


I propose a VI Analyzer Toolkit test that checks for this scenario called "Not A Refnum Usage".  The test would return a failure under the following circumstances:


  • The input to the "Not A Number/Path/Refnum?" function is a refnum data type.
  • The refnum is any type other than Occurrence.
  • The output of the "Not A Number/Path/Refnum?" function is wired to anything other than a Boolean indicator.

If these conditions are met, the test would return a failure, and would make the two recommendations mentioned above as alternatives to using the "Not A Number/Path/Refnum?" function.

DNatt, NI
1 Comment
Active Participant

Even if I didn't use VI Analyzer, you still deserve a kudos for linking to that information from Aristos Queue.  I am now adding another practice to avoid to my long list.