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Upgrading from older versions

Status: Declined

Any idea that has not received any kudos within a year after posting will be automatically declined. 

Give the user the ability to upgrade versions of Teststand or labview without bringing the test equipment down for several hours. Currently it is quicker to image the whole pc than install a new NI software version. Some of the software (from other vendors) we run has propretiary configuration and imaging isn't always feasible. I would like to be able to upgrade from Labview 8.6 to 2010 without stopping production, just upgraded from 8.2 to 8.6 and on 50computers, on a production floor, it was logistically difficult. It would be a while before I consider upgrading again, with the current setup.

Proven Zealot

Are you installing the entirety of LabVIEW's dev environment or just the runtime engine? How many drivers are you installing at the same time? Would us adding finer grain options for selecting what to install help your situation?


I've been installing the Labview dev environment with drivers, DAQ, spectral measurement toolkit etc. Most of it is RF test equipment and uses most of what it installed. Maybe the way to go is to create executables and upgrade runtime only. The testers all have there own unique problems so the dev environment is a lot easier to debug.

NI Employee (retired)

Your IT department should also be able to work with you to create an image that they can apply to these computers. You would only have to install the new LV, toolkits, drivers once and then create an image from that machine and apply it to these. You can do the same with NI Real-Time Targets using the RT Create Target Disk Image and RT Apply Target Disk Image VIs. These VIs make it possible of only needing to upgrade one piece of hardware manually and then you can programmatically apply that image to other pieces of hardware (has to be exact same hardware though). 

NI Employee (retired)

Oops....sorry didn't see your part about not being able to image until after I posted. You can create a batch file for the installers you want to run and then it will go through them in sequence. Not as fast as an image but not as slow as doing everything by hand.

Proven Zealot
Status changed to: Declined

Any idea that has not received any kudos within a year after posting will be automatically declined. 

DNatt, NI