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Upgrading Labview From Old to New Versions - Not Easy!

Status: New

I search the idea forum and I see many Labview Upgrade suggestions as "DECLINED".  

I know there are others out there like me, I HATE upgrading Labview.  All the time required to update your custom configuration takes weeks.  Heck, Labview upgrade isn't even smart enough to know all the software you're entitled to install...instead you have to force Labview to download and install your paid software individually.


Here's the deal, most of us don't have the time to upgrade because of all the maintenance we do to support our software.  For instance, I have a paid Maintenance Agreement (as I do every year), I have been working in LV2015 and now it's time for me to upgrade my computer and I'm installing LV2018.


My wish, Have National instruments create a tool that would allow you to export all your custom settings, device drivers, and software requirements, etc..., so you could import these settings into a new version of LV.  Making the upgrade process easier with a single tool.

Since it's so difficult to upgrade, I often wait 3 years or more before I try to upgrade.  If it was more seamless to upgrade, I'd probably upgrade every release!  


Anyway, we are all so busy we don't have the time to search these forums, so this request will be DECLINED too.


Perhaps NI should accumulate all of these requests to Upgrade and total them as one.  Each individual request dies in a year because so many people are sticking with what works...often older versions of LV.


Sure, NI has a few upgrade tools, but, nothing that leaves you upgraded to the latest version of Labview without missing a step.



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I also imagine System Link/NI Package Manager would cover some of this request (tracking driver/toolkit dependencies and upgrading them in an automated way).  Disclaimer: I have not personally used System Link or NI Packaged Manager yet.

I don't think any of the above ideas are duplicates of this one, but this particular idea set has generated a lot of ideas that have gotten enough traffic that they aren't in danger of Darren's Auto-Decline for a few years at least.  I also get the general impression that improving this is one of NI's goals with LabVIEW NXG/NI Package Manager.


Thanks Tom,

I knew there were other people who are disappointed in the Labview upgrade system.  If it was easier to upgrade I would do it more often.


I spoke to NI about NXG.  Perhaps that's where auto upgrades will be invisible.  Off the record, I was told LV was going to stay around for about 10 years.  NXG isn't ready to be a direct replacement for LV in it's current state.  Not many people have the time to play with NXG if it can't upgrade LV code without errors.



We have about 10 pc's to upgrade. And indeed that is a pain.

(and you are complaining about just one system to upgrade Smiley Very Happy)

Knight of NI


"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay