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Update "Convert Panel to Screen Coordinates" to work within Subpanels

Status: New

Currently, the Panel method "Convert panel to screen coordinates" works fine normally, but if the panel is inside a subpanel then it just fails without throwing an error


The idea is to either update this function to work properly in a subpanel, update the documentation to mention it doesn't work within a subpanel, or throw an error to indicate failure.


A few similar ideas have popped up, for example:


but that one was more generic to get the a subpanel reference from within the subpanel.


(My specific use-case is to create a fancy menu popup relative to the clicked item within the subpanel- basically, I need screen coordinates of the "thing" inside the subpanel, which I cannot get without coupling the subpanel VI to the main VI by providing an upstream VI reference, which I don't want to do.)