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Unit Test Framework UI improvements

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Recently I've been trying out Labview's Unit Test Framework Toolkit and I like it enough that I'm proposing we purchase it for our core developers.  However, there are a few things that I think would improve the UI and make it much more friendly.


1.  Why does the VI Under Test tree control collapse every time I switch to a different test case?  The input and output list don't change for the different test cases, so if I have the tree expanded and I'm switching test cases it probably means I want to look at those tree nodes.  This is by far the single most annoying UI behavior I've come across in a while.

2.  How about the ability to add a notes field to each test case that so I could comment why that test case exists.

3.  If in addition to the notes field there were also a title field for each test case, then all the test cases could be listed in the Category pane as subnodes under the Test Cases node.  It would make it much easier to find the test case I'm looking for.  (And dare I ask for the ability to reorder the test cases as well?)


In addition to the above, I'd like to see the ability to run individual test cases. If my Unit Test has 35 cases and I only want to run one, I'd like to be able to select that one and run it, make sure my code change is right, then run all tests.


Totally agree with the UI comments.  I find the unit test framework to also be unbelievably slow to manage and execute tests.  Getting a large system up in the order of thousands of tests, the individual open/closing of the lvtest files is far to slow and makes the framework very frusterating to use as well as the items mentioned above!  Why does it take 20seconds just to open a lvtest file?


Actually, I see most of these improvements are available in the LV2010 with unit Test Framework.  We use it almost exclusively in LV8.6.1 so the new UI improvements and speed will be great to have in 2010.


I am using Unit test under LV2012 and every single one of the initial comments still stands including the time issue. If NI is serious about using LV for larger projects then this sort of functionality should be available.

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Looking back at this I think these are all implemented in 2013 (except possibly reordering)

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