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Uninstaller improvements

Status: New

Make it easier to find the right product in the uninstaller

If you install a lot of National Instruments developer tools the uninstaller becomes very crowded. You can have 50-100 components, often with similar names and varying name structure. Finding the component you want to uninstall/modify/repair can be difficult. 


The fact that things a split into so many separate components is practical, but the components should be organized better:

They could be:

  • logically grouped
  • have descriptions
  • there could be a search/filter function available (that accepts wildcards)

Allow us to specify a new source location

If I want to repair or modify an installation it might turn out that the original source for the installation is gone, or I have a new (identical/compatible) source that I would like to use instead. It would be nice if the uninstaller handled this, instead of insisting on the original. 



yes kudos.

And a complete uninstall now seem to leave remnants of old installation files (at least that's what I saw when removing LabVIEW 2013).

Trusted Enthusiast
Trusted Enthusiast

I wonder whether it would be possible to use the NI License Manager or MAX to uninstall stuff. These are much more organized than the Windows native (?) tool. Moreover, I suspect this would make things more multi-platform than this request, which, as I understand it, is Windows-only.

Knight of NI

Yes, the dialog needs to be (1) resizeable and (2) the items arranged as hierarchical tree so we can see the dependencies graphically. For example if we uninstall LabVIEW 2014, the branch would contain all 2014 toolkits and such. currently, the naming conventions are all over the place, and it is difficult to tell what parts belong to any particular version and what parts are leftovers from something else that got uninstalled years ago.




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