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Transfer Labview Development Environment settings from one installation to another

I use the Labview Development Environment usually on multiple PCs (my working place, my laptop, the customers development PC, etc.).


It takes a lot of time to install the whole environment and I think nothing can be done about. But it always angers me that there is no way to transfer the settings so that the environment behave exactly the same.


It should be possible to transfer the following settings easily:

- user.lib

- all changes done to the labview pallets

- settings in the configuration

- user added templates (VIs and projects)

and so on


Mayby that should work like the Easy Transfer Function for Windows from Microsoft.

This would speed up the installation and on every system I could experience the same behaviour of the development environment

Best Regards
Knight of NI

VIPM and copy your LabVIEW.ini file


Plus I'm sure this is a duplicate.  I'm just too lazy busy to search right now.

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LabView.ini is not the only thing I want to transfer (this would be easy :-)


Is it possible to transfer VI templates, custom probes, project templates, etc. with the VIPM?
(and by the way, I like VIPM but this is something I should not need a third party application for)


Maybe I write some small app myself, that can do the job... (time is all I need...)

Best Regards
Active Participant

I've started more new development systems than I can count. All of this can be done manually, but I would love a seamless, one step approach.


LabVIEW versions 5.0 - 2018

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Duplicate of this:


I also posted that idea (before I was pointed to the one above).

Charles Chickering
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...and the rules are more like guidelines

Is there some information, which folders or files should be synchronized? This would help in creating a tool for myself. I now only of:

- labview.ini

- user.lib

- templates folder

and some other


Best Regards
Proven Zealot
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