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To improve FPGA code re-use, add support for physical I/O information in the cRIO module property node

Status: New

FPGA code allows I/O references to be used so that code can be re-used/abstracted, like this


This could/should be extended to cRIO C-modules so that code can be re-used on multiple modules. This would require the 'cRIO Device' property node to return an array of I/O Refnums that could then be passed to subVIs or other modular code.


For example, if I have code for an analogue input module (say, NI 9205) which filters and processes the data, and I wish to re-use that code in multiple experiments I have to manually change the module name in each IO constant or node (Mod1/AI0 to Mod3/AI0) if the module moves or I need more than one of the same type.


Conversely, if the cRIO Device property could provide the I/O references, the code could accept a cRIO Device constant and the reusable code extract the I/O references. The code would then adapt from Mod1/AI0 to Mod3/AI0 as the cRIO device was changed from Mod1 to Mod3.


It would be added to these properties.






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I think this idea should me moved to the LabVIEW FPGA Ideas

André Manzolli

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