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Thumb tack pins are missing from shortcut menu in function palettes

Right-clicking objects on the block diagram in LabVIEW produces a shortcut menu appears. When placed on replace, a menu is shown that is sensitive to the selected item and the option to access all the palettes. Often, when we want to replace an element, we also want to use some other element from the same palette.




When we access the palette, the thumb tack pins are missing, and if we need to access more than one element, it is necessary to navigate in the block diagram through the functions palette. In addition, when we get used to using the "Quick drop", when we need to access items that we don't normally use, it is difficult to locate on the paletta, so I propose, include in the palette from shortcut menu the thumb tack pins.

Knight of NI

Duplicate: Option to pin the pallette opened thro' short-cut menu

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