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The project needs to recognize missing server VI's.

I recently built an application using code developed by someone else that had a server VI in it.  I didn't realize this and therefore failed to include the file in the application build.  Naturally the built application did not work and had to do some troubleshooting. 

It may be too simpleton, but it seems server VI’s should have a file extension other than .vi so that the project will see the file as being missing when referenced in the code.  In other words, referencing server VI’s should be more formal; like referencing shared variables.


Proven Zealot
Proven Zealot

I echo Intaris' question. What is a server VI? I've never heard this term and could not find it in our documentation. VI Server code, such as the Open VI Reference node, can open any VI -- there's nothing special about any of them. And, you might not know this, but you can already give any file extension you want to VIs. So whatever it is that you're trying to do, I don't think that changing file extensions will address your issue.


I believe you've encountered a limitation you'd like to see fixed, but we need more details about what that is before we can discuss solutions.

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