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Text indicator / Control which supports formatting (Bold, Colour and so on) on subsets of the string

Status: New

I have often wished that LV have some easy way to display simple text with parts of the text marked BOLD, Italic or different colour in one display.


I think there has been an XControl created fror this, but it's be nice to have a proper "formatted Text" indicator / Control in LabVIEW.


No picture as I think everyone knows what is meant.



Proven Zealot

Just thinking about this and noting a similar request from Falkpl (superscript and subscript fonts), it could be done by choosing a new text display more "HTML".



Active Participant

I was about to post an idea along these line that I have wished for in LabIVEw for many years: an HTML rendering indicator.

I know you can plop down a web browser window and then point it to a URL, but then you must have the daa on disk somewhere to load into it.  I just want to write data to the indicator programitically and have it format the data using standard HTML formatting tags.  Seems simple enough and leverages off existing standards.  Also, it would satisfy your request and the one from Falkpl.


Please kudo this idea so we can finally get this functionality into LabVIEW! 

Certified LabVIEW Architect