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Tabbing will work for Clusters on Front Panel

Status: New

Tabbing will work for clusters on the front panel, currently we are using "Ctl+Down arrow key" to focus control in the cluster "Ctl+Up Arrow Key" to come out from the cluster


For use Tabbing feature for clusters, I need to use "Ctl+Down arrow key"/"Ctl+Up Arrow Key".


While tabbing on the front panel is there any way LabVIEW automatically detects the Clusters and it will directly focus the first element of the cluster and when you click Tab on last element in the cluster it will come out and focus the next availble control outside the Cluster (if next control is again Cluster it will focus the first element of the next cluster)


I've thought this should be an option in LabVIEW for a long time and never understood why it wasn't added.  It would definitely enhance the usability of UI's in cases where you are using clusters.  And it would be such a simple addition.  Just add an option to the cluster properties dialog as I've mocked up below:




Let's not debate decoupling UI from data structures.  You know you would like this option.  Give this idea kudos and get rid of the need to use "Ctrl-Down Arrow" and "Ctrl-Up Arrow" to tab into and out of clusters.  That is hardly intuitive.


Hi Scott,

Thanks for adding visual thought to this idea.

Active Participant
Active Participant
Do the same for arrays too.
Active Participant
Active Participant

My client does not accept to press Ctrl-UP and Ctrl-DOWN. So I work on a solution for "correcting" the tab order with property nodes and key events. It is a terrible job. The support center of NI is working on it too. So please realize this idea!



I can't understand this idea does not have more KUDOS...

Active Participant

Was about to submit this exact idea - I also can't see why this hasn't more kudos.

Active Participant

I just learned today that Tab Controls have the option to tab into them or over them.  Still waiting for the cluster to catch up.


tab tabbing.png

Tim Elsey
Certified LabVIEW Architect