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Synchronize the installer version with the executable version

Status: New

It would be very nice if we could tell the installer script to synchronize its version number with the version number of a specific executable.


12-29-2009 2-38-53 PM.png


Additionally, it would be very nice to have this version information (once they are synchronized) displayed on the installer wizard (for instance in the title window or on the wizard first page).



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It should be noted (by NI R&D) that even though the Installer Product Version (X.X.X) is editable in LabVIEW as three integer numeric controls, it is stored in the project XML file as a single string.  So, it should be possible to slave the installer version to the EXE version, even though the EXE version has four integer numeric values (X.X.X.X).
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Good and interesting ask. Kudos!!!

Additionally, it would be nice to have a "Build" revision in the Installer version such that there are four revisions and is consistent with the exe.  Modifying the installer version string to contain additional characters in the project xml doesn't seem to translate to the windows installer.