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Symbols on all columns of a multicolumn listbox

Status: New

Currently you can only set symbols of a Multicolumn listbox on the first column.  I think it would be pretty handy to put symbols in any cell on the MCLB.


MCL Symbols.PNG 


i'd like it !!! a symbols Addict


Active Participant

There is already an hidden LabVIEW control allowing you to do that (check this thread on LAVA:

I agree though that it would be nice if this was "officially" available.


Proven Zealot
Thanks for the link PJM and kudos david...
I kudo this request
Kalyanramu Vemishetty
Automated Test Systems Engineer
National Instruments
Active Participant
I think it is ridiculous that they have features like this they use themselves and not publish them for their customers. Their user interface has not been improved in years. Throw the users a bone now and then, not just more toolkits to buy.

what about multicolumn listbox with drop down menu?


Active Participant

Even LAVA provides the workaround, could this feature be officially supported?




You can do a drop down from an MCL. It's the "run-time shortcut menu" create a custom one, using the menu palette....You can have a menu several levels deep.



Proven Zealot

A new version of this control was posted on LAVA to the previously linked thread which demonstrates how to use it nicely.


Still an official release would make me feel better about using this feature.


MultiColumnListbox with MultiColumnSymbols corrected.png


Yup, had to create a 2D (blue) numeric array (like the string array) transpose it (interleave columns instead to rows) and pad it with blank data, as the final loop works per column and not per row. Tried per rows (Row : 0, Column : -2 -> [i]--[Row][->]) but symbols doesn't show. Possible bug ?


David Koch