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Switch-A-Roo Two Wired Terminals

I love the built in switch-a-roo tool on block diagram objects.  Basically the rules is if you have an object on the block diagram with two inputs, and they are both wired, by holding CTRL and clicking on one of these terminals, the inputs will be switched.  This is great for things like subtraction, or division when you get the inputs backwards.  This feature also works on the select function swapping the T and F inputs.


But what this idea is about, is to swap two inputs in the same way it currently does, if you only have two inputs wired, but the function has more than two inputs.


There are times when I have two things wired to a subVI and that sub VI and I want to swap the wired inputs, but the function may have other optional inputs that are rarely used.  Because the function doesn't have exactly two inputs, the switch-a-roo tool won't work.  Or maybe it has other inputs that I just haven't wired yet (like error) but the two inputs that are wired need to be swapped.

Proven Zealot

Is this idea significantly different from this other idea submitted yesterday?

Proven Zealot

You know I did searching first but "Switch-a-roo" and "Switch a roo" and "Switcharoo" are all different to a search engine.  Maybe a mechanism of switching any two arbitrary wires or inputs is a better idea and would cover this use case.


I guess the closes existing idea is the linked one in the one you mentioned.


Still that one seems to have lots of discussion and while I like that, it makes it difficult to vote not really knowing what NI would choose to implement if they choose to work on that idea.

Proven Zealot

> not really knowing what NI would choose to implement if they choose to work on that idea.


That's easy: None of the above.


For any of these, the Idea Exchange serves more to tell us "this is an area that needs addressing." We start with an idea proposed by the community, but after testing it on a prototype, it may change significantly. There may be use cases that aren't even addressed in the community forum. When you're adding kudos, it is both "do something like this" and "do exactly this", and you can clarify in the comments if that's important.

Proven Zealot