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Support hosting dynamic content with Web Services

Status: New

The built in web services are a handy way to expose a simple RESTful API to a LabVIEW executable. And it's nice that it supports hosting static content like HTML pages and javascript. But it would be extra nice if we could host directories with dynamic content, such as a folder of log files that we want to expose for troubleshooting purposes.


For example, if I have services that generate debug logs, I could do something like start up a python simple http server to host the log directory and make the files accessible remotely. As log entries are appended, or new files are created, they are automatically made available via browsers (or programmatic GET operations). It would be really cool if the native labview web services could do this, to avoid having to set up a separate process (and manage another port number). If I've already set up a web service for remotely interacting with this process, it feels natural that I would be able to extend it to host stuff like this.