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Nick Stevens

Store Icon Templates with Project

Status: New
Icon templates are a great feature (and probably my favorite part of the 3rd party icon editors pre-2009). Now that I know all the developers I'm working with will have an icon editor with the same features as mine, I'd like to take it to the next step and distribute icon templates for use on particular projects. It seems like the most consistant way to do this would be to allow project files (i.e. .lvproj)  to specify a sub-directory that contains icon templates for that project. I could then use a subdirectory under my main folder and keep the icon templates along with my other files in version control.
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Knight of NI

This seems quite similar to this idea.

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Nick Stevens
tst - It seems to me that the idea you linked would be a logical extension of this one - related, but not a duplicate. I specifically would like to be able to keep multiple icon templates with a single project so they could be used for multiple subcomponents. It seems to make sense though that if you were able to keep icon templates with a project you could also choose one of those icons to use as a default template for that project.