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Stop Putting The SERIAL NUMBER right on the BOX!

Status: New

Does this idea need any more explanation? If someone swipes the box out of a mail slot at work and installs it at home, that becomes the "at home" installation. 


I realize Ideas with pictures do better, so here's a Golden Retriever puppy...



Message Edited by Broken Arrow on 06-11-2010 07:40 AM

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Just saying, people stealing your mail is a bigger problem them a number on the box.  If they take your box, they might as well just open it up and get the number from somewhere in side.  Or jump on your PC while your away and do an About LabVIEW.

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DVDs are made from a mixture of 35% puppies, 25% kittens and 40% ponies.

Try to take over the world!
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No cats?  I'm appalled at the discrimination!
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Ageist animal slaughter is the worst kind of discrimination.  But still, if someone's killing your pets, you've probably got other problems.....
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.... well, at least my Idea has been entertaining! 🙂

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It doesn't even have to BE someone stealing your mail.  I just do NOT understand why the serial number is on there at all.  What purpose does it serve?  Isn't the customer ID not already enough?


Just seems like a very irrespoisibly way to treat a license number which I pay several thousand dollars on each year.....


I mean, everything's on there to allow someone to activate LV, Company name, address and everything.  If at least something was missing, there might be a way to catch people stealing license numbers since they'd have to make something up..... 


I remember an article in C't (German IT magazine) where they printed a picture of an OEM Windows cd with the serial number just visible as part of a PC review.  I think that serial number has been used for installing on thousands of machines.  The serial number is what seperated a simple DVD from a licensed version.

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I kudoed your puppy picture. I think this is a great idea. Dont put the serial number on the box, put a picture of a puppy. More people would buy labview.


Im just kidding of course. I agree that serial number on the box is definately a security risk considering the value of the serial number to the one who paid for it.

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Isn't the real point that if the S/N is on the OUTSIDE of the box, someone can just write it down as they pass your box, download LabVIEW on another machine somwehere else and use up one of you available license seats. The fact that you don't know this has happened means you then have a problem when you run out of "seats" because NI think you are using more than you actually are! This is something that NI should be dealing with for protection of their own revenue if nothing else!


Regarding the download point Altenbach - Some of us don't have the luxury of being allowed to grab the release when it first comes out and having the source easily available if you have a bad internett connection is a real boon or if you need to recompile something at a customer's where you suddenly find the source has been changed and you don't have a toolkit that they've added as a dependency and you can't have internet access for security reasons. The source needs to keep coming, but the USB sticks are much more welcome than the DVDs - especially for machines without DVD drives!



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