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Smart DAQmx/MAX

Status: New

So, having a new computer and installing the 4 versions i currently need i ofcourse missed to reinstall DaqMx after the last and most important LV install. After alot of time i managed to get hold of a disc, ofc slightly lower version so i first have to uninstall my current DaqMx ... this cost alot unnessecary time, when e.g. MAX should be able to add/complement itself to installs.


When i run the installer, it feels which versions of LV has Daq and which doesn't, it'd be great if you could add/complement Daq to LV's without having to reinstall it!


If this is best handled by MAX or some DAQ-installer i dont know, but as MAX feels like a hub it sounds logical to add some Update/Add/Attach DAQ-function to that.



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