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Skip this control when tabbing

Status: New

It would be nice to be able to change the tab behavior "Skip this control when tabbing" when setting the tab order for the front panel.






Knight of NI

Just so people know, there is a control property under the Key Navigation tab called "Skip this control when tabbing".  But it would be nice to be able to set that property while setting the tabbing order.  Kudo.

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Knight of NI Knight of NI
Knight of NI

One possible implementation - let controls which are skipped have the value -1.

Try to take over the world!

good idea @ tst


additionally there should be a button to skip all elements on the FP. This would help because there is often the situation that a lot of elements are outside of the visible FP borders.

After setting all to "-1" the user can select those he really wants.

Knight of NI

When I read the idea, I had the same thought as tst. Use -1 to designate skipped controls.


Clicking to set the order can be useful, but if you only need to change one or two controls, an option to type the number at the control would be much more convenient than typing the number in the set to box at the top and then mousing to the control to click.  Regular click sets the order to the value in the set to box. Context-click allows typing any number. If the number typed is >=0 and already used, the value on all controls with the number entered or larger have their order values incremented.