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Show inherited VIs as "ghosts" under child class in project tree

Status: New

Working with class method VIs becomes easily confusing if you need to use VIs from several classes that are inherited from each other. Every class adds or overwrites VIs from one of the ancestor classes but usually you don't know which one. And if you're just user and not developer of this class structure you're usually also not interested in the exact inheritance hierarchy.


Look at the picture: As programmer of the application "" I'm just interested in Class 3 but I also need to know the internals of Class 1 and Class 2 whereby Class 1 is not even in my project. So I can't see that there are also other cool methods within Class 1 and to get methods from Class 2 I also have to search inside of it and compare against Class 3.




As reference: This is the content of Class 1




What I suggest and expect is the following:


=> The class tree shows all available methods within each single class!

bright colors: Methods that are defined in this class; pale colors: inherited methods




Great idea!

Active Participant

Love it. (I had planned to propose exactly this a few years back but I got a bit disheartened with the Idea Exchange and the general trend to deprioritise work on "mature LV" in favour of NXG...)


This concept lends itself to some nice extensions:

  • Double click on greyed-out methods to go to the defining class
  • Ability to drag-and-drop ancestor methods to the BD without opening the parent
  • "New:VI for override" functionality could be directly exposed by right-clicking the greyed-out method
Chris Virgona

to NI admin: could you please correct my typo in the headline? 😁

(new idea: support post-editing of ideas)

Proven Zealot

>(new idea: support post-editing of ideas)


That will only work for me if the kudos are reset to 0... Or an idea can change so much it won't be the idea people voted for.


Like the idea though.

Proven Zealot

BTW. if you want to change the title, you should click Options>Report to a Moderator.