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Show access scope glyphs in Library Properties >> Item Settings

Status: New

The Class Properties -> Item Settings is used to set the access scope. It would be comfortable if the vi's shown there in the Contents tree would show glyphs according to their access scope the same way as they do in the Project Explorer. It would be easier to identify which already have the desired access scope, especially since the Project Explorer is only updated after closing the Properties.22076i8F2F7CA7CDB4947A

Proven Zealot

FSchubert: Any objections to a moderator changing the title of this idea to be "Show access scope glyphs in Library Properties>>Item Settings" ? I believe this more accurately reflects both the specific glyphs that you are concerned about and more correctly identifies, from just the title, which dialog is being discussed.


(Note that "Class Properties" and "Library Properties" dialogs are the same dialog, but the class version adds additional options. I would put Lib Properties in the title even though your picture is for classes because it would affect all library property dialogs (.lvlib, .xctl, .lvclass and .lvsc).

Active Participant

No problem, I'll request the moderator to do so. I guess it's your team that needs to do this, so if a diffrent title helps you 😉