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Show X-Control in User.lib Auto Generated Controls Palette

Status: Duplicate

I am not sure whether this is a bug or not but when you add a folder containing a X-Control Library to User.lib the auto-generated Controls Palette does not show the X-Control! 

It only contains the Data control, State control and any other custom controls (e.g. in the example below StateDisplay is a typedef I created).  




There is no way to drag and drop the X-Control in from the Palette - it has to be done from disk! 

My idea is that the User.lib auto-generated Controls Palette should show any .ctl, .ctt or .xctl file. 

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This is a very good idea!

(And a duplicate of

You can add your xcontrol manually, and then you should be able to use it like any other control.



Message Edited by TCPlomp on 17-06-2010 06:10 AM
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Sorry, Ton. I didn't find your post before posting this idea. 



Is it possible to merge these Ideas? 





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It is good to have this implemented. I am editing the pallete and adding the menu item manually. If this feature is implemented it can save some time for the developers. If possible you can remove the other ctls files associated with the Xctl file. 

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That is an interesting idea wrt to showing or not showing other controls.

Since the .mnu palette is auto-generated though, I think the trade off would be to show everything.

Otherwise you may have (support) controls that you want in the palette that don't show up!

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Status changed to: Duplicate
Todd S.
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Hi Todd


I have managed to have this filed as a CAR (#236395).

(As I believe it is an issue rather than an idea).





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