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Shortcut For This VIs Class/Library

Status: New

So one shortcut I really like is CTRL+Shift+E.  This shows a VI in the opened project and drills into dependencies, and libraries to show you where the VI is.  The most common reason for me doing this is to find the library or class that a VI is in, and to find the other members within that library.  One issue I have is if I open a VI that isn't in a project.  This isn't very often but some times I want to work on editing a library or class that isn't part of a project yet and is just some reuse code that I intend on cleaning up.  


When I open a VI that is in a library, but not in a project, CTRL+Shift+E does nothing, but what I think would be nice is if this same shortcut could be used when not in a project to open the Edit >> Browse Relationship >> This VIs Class and open the class to show where the current VI is in the class or library.  Or alternatively this idea could be to make a new shortcut that does open the library or class a VI belongs to, and select the VI in a similar way to the This VI In Project works.