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Short list of favorite fonts in font pulldown

Status: New

After installing a few word processing and graphics editing programs, my font list in LabVIEW is about 6 screens long and all I see without scrolling are some really useless fonts.



To select the ones I typically use (tahoma, courier, etc.). I need to scroll many pages, keeping a close watch on the alphabetically sorted names flying by when scrolling). Of course I could spend a day cleaning out my fonts, but I am never sure if something actually uses one of these.


Like most other applications, LabVIEW should maintain a short list on top, containing favorite fonts. This list could be auto-populated by the fonts used on the current front panel or just be a short history of recently selected fonts. There should also be a configuration option, allowing us to "pin" certain really-really favorite fonts to that area.


It could look as follows:



Of course what we really need is a modern text toolbar, but this idea would apply there equally. 😄

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How about a "Shown Fonts" selection under the LabVIEW options?


2 column selection (All fonts installed on the left and fonts shown in LabVIEW on the right)

Only add those fonts you want to see. All others are filtered out and no longer clutter up your font selection.


99% of the time, I don't care about and don't ever care to see all of the other fonts in the list, only the top 5 or so that I commonly use. In the event I need something out of the ordinary, I wouldn't have any issue with having to go to the LabVIEW options dialog to add it.