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Shift + Scroll for horizontal scrolling of front panel and block diagram

Status: New
Trusted Enthusiast
Here are two more ideas for horizontal movement: using the keyboard arrows to scroll the diagram, and using the middle button to pan.
Message Edited by JackDunaway (mechelecengr) on 11-09-2009 06:03 PM
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Shift +Sroll for horizontal scrolling

Strg + Scroll for vertical scrolling


and a zoom function please.

Knight of NI
What does "Strg" mean?



Seriously, this missing feature is SOOO bad that I consider it a MAJOR BUG.


Ctrl Shift is NOT an acceptable solution, because as you scroll a large vi, you often hit on some non "open space", and then the click selects and drags some random wires. NOT COOL!! It means you cant have confidence in this feature. 


Fix it.


Another way to do it is make "scroll"/"pan" in the menus, so that we can assign a shortcut to toggle it. 


Proven Zealot

Surprise: The sideward scroll function is working Smiley Surprised


I have switched to Windows7 and LabVIEW 2011. Since then, the sideward scroll function works with the sideward push function of the scroll wheel of my Logitech mouse RX1000. ...and I am happy Smiley Happy



Shift + Scroll for horizontal scroll would be really nice. This is standard e.g. in Gimp and Inkscape and many other programs I guess. No need for special mouses.


Strg is Ctrl on a German keyboard.


It is a paradox that LabVIEW has a left-to-right-flow paradigm but has only an easy way to scroll up-down.

It is puzzling that this idea has been around for at least 4 years now and yet being so obvious to need a fix - at least to me.

It is a regular nuisance when joggling between LabVIEW and other graphical programs to lack the horizontal scroll feature in LV.


There appears not to be any new features in LV2013 with regard to the hirzontal scroll feture, but I have been adviced to use 


ctrl+shift and having the auto-tool selected (green box in Tools) - and who has'nt that. This brings up the panning "hand" which is better than nothing.


But I still mis something which is  "standard" in many other programs  like the shift-scroll. Hmm, maybe 2014?