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Shared Icon Editor Glyphs Directory

Status: New

So at the moment LabVIEW has the icon editor glphs stored in the following location.


<username>\Documents\LabVIEW Data\Glyphs


This is fine, until you login as another user.  Then you realize all of your icons are gone because LabVIEW installed the icons for the user that was logged in when LabVIEW was being installed.


Similarly a problem exists if I am distributing icon editor glyphs of my own.  I have a reuse package with a bunch of useful icons, and I have VIPM install them to that users folder.  The problem is if I login to a machine remotely, and perform the update as my user, then those icons are only installed for that user name, and not all users.


What this idea is for, is to have a shared folder for icon editor glyphs, which is used for all users on that PC.  Some place like


<LabVIEW Install>\Resources\Icon Editor Glyphs


would work, or...


<ProgramData>\National Instruments\Icon Editor Glyphs


Then icons can be installed in one folder, and be shared for all users.