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Separate icon for broken dependency

Status: New

What is wrong with this VIs diagram?


Broken arrow.PNG

Nothing! It's a broken dependency:

Broken dependancy.PNG


It would be nice to see the difference without having to open the error dialog:


Broken Dep.png


Graphics should be improved...


The normal broken arrow should have priority over the other. First fix the VI, then the dependency... Wouldn't mind two icons, one for broken VI, one for broken dependency.

1 Comment
Proven Zealot

LabVIEW NXG experimented with this. I don't know why they ultimately decided against it. Let me ask around.


It would be kind of a pain to implement in LabVIEW purely for technical reasons... the button bar is one of the oldest not-yet-refactored parts of LV C++ code. I hate going in there myself. So if there's any excuse to not do it, you can be sure I'm looking for it. 🙂