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Sending Packages (.ogp, .vip, .vipc files) to NI Support is an acceptable way to submit code

Status: New

This may not technically be a standard LabVIEW Idea, but it is an idea nonetheless and there is no where else to post this idea in the Idea Exchange Forum and I want get other peoples feedback.


I would like to suggest that sending packages (.ogp, .vip, .vipc files) to NI Support is an acceptable way to submit code for reasons relating to code (support, issues, review help, CARs).


I have had problems sending code and then sending all dependencies as well, along with instructions on where to install etc... (for example here) that was solved once I was able to convince my support AE to install VIPM. It also saved me a lot of time (other I had to rebuild code in order to send it as well etc...)


(IMHO) I think this Idea would compliment NI moves towards establishing it's LabVIEW Compatibility Program (which I am assuming VIPM and OpenG will be covered under)

Additionally there seems to be great acceptance by NI to packages already whereby I have seen NI code in documents/white-papers posted as packages.

Thanks to Christian L and Laura F these files types are now compatible with the new NI Forums.


Here are some of my notes on this Idea:


  • VIPM Community Edition would have to be installed internally (but it is free so there would be no cost)
  • I am not looking for NI to support VIPM itself (unless it is covered under the Product Partner Program?) only that I can send a package to NI Support and they will know what to do with it and be able to install it
  • OpenG would also be required to be installed as well (after all it is the LabVIEW main/only? Open Source movement) (this is free too).
  • That way I would not have to send large dependencies files (only include my internal package), and then email size would not normally be an issue (although I have used NIs FTP successfully in the past due to large files) but email is nicer.
  • All this would lead to a more streamlined approach to Support for those developers who rely on packages
Please post your feedback.


Certified LabVIEW Architect * LabVIEW Champion
Active Participant

That's a great idea, Jon!


Just so you know, JKI has been working hard to show NI the benefits of packages and they are listening.  In fact, JKI is currently hosting the VIPM 2010 beta in the NI Communities site, so that NI can keep a close eye on what's going on and help JKI make sure VIPM 2010 is a great tool for building packages of LabVIEW add-ons.  VIPM 2010 is going to be a major release with lots of exciting improvements and I'm thinking that it will help take us all a step closer to the goals you mention.


Thanks for your support.



JKI Blog
NI Employee

You have the Compatible with LabVIEW team's support 🙂

Chris Bolin
LabVIEW Partner Program, CLA