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Selecting a front panel control should highlight a terminal

I inherited lots of VIs with complicated terminal connectors. It is a challenge to determine which terminal is associated with a given control. 


Why not highlight the associated terminal when a front panel control has been selected?


In other words, currently when I select a terminal, the corresponding control is highlighted. I'm proposing that it should also work the other way -- when I select a control, the corresponding terminal gets highlighted. 


I have just figured out a workaround, but it's clumsy. I can temporarily delete the control, observe which terminal goes white, and then immediately restore it with Control Z. But my proposed solution would be cleaner. 




Active Participant

Nice idea. I've wanted this before too!

Chris Virgona
Active Participant

Double-clicking a terminal highlights the control and vice versa. No need to delete the control.


Active Participant

dan_u:  It's the connector pane terminal Smiley Wink


Perhaps that wasn't so clear from the title...

Chris Virgona
Active Participant

This is one of those "I'm surprised this hasn't been suggested before" ideas. Smiley Happy


LabVIEW versions 5.0 - 2020

“All programmers are optimists”
― Frederick P. Brooks Jr.

Yes, I was referring to the connector pane terminal. Sorry I was unclear. 

Knight of NI

It only makes sense.  We already have the opposite (select the connector terminal and the control/indicator is selected).

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Trusted Enthusiast

If you turn off the autotool and select a control or indicator with the wiring tool you will highlight the terminal in the ConPane.


this is such an obvious feature to have that it should've been there from the very beginning.

Trusted Enthusiast
Trusted Enthusiast

Similar to the comment at the end of this idea, but in fact, identical to this earlier idea.

You may also want to read this idea for a more ambitious suggestion.

All (and more) are easily found with a search for "connector pane" in the Idea Exchange.

As an excuse for the original poster, this might not have worked that well in 2012...

Proven Zealot