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Selected VIs search from virtual folder

If I press ctrl+f while the root project is highlighted I get the "Find Project Items" window. This is all well.


However, if i press ctrl+f on a folder in the project, the "Find Project Window" is also opened, with the same search scope as when the root project is highlighted. To me this is not the expected behaviour. There are two other things that would be more relevant:

1. Perform an project items search (recursive) within that virtual folder.

2. Perform a Find operation such as the one we get when we press ctrl+f on a BD or FP, with the search scope set to "Selected VIs" and with the VIs in the virtual folder (recursively) set as "Selected VIs to Search".


My suggestion is case 2, perform a selected VIs seach directly from the virtual folder.





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DNatt, LV R&D