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Save and Recall Environment Options Settings by User



The issue is that there are some situation where we have multiple developers using the same PC (Ex. limited number of test stations where HW/SW integration is performed).  The last developer on the station changes the Environment Options to their desired settings.  


To allow a developer to quickly switch to their preferred set of Environment Options, we would like a feature that would allow the following from the LabVIEW Splash Screen: (see image suggestion below)


  1. Save current Environmental Option settings and assign that set a name.
  2. Export/Import to from system using a file.
  3. List the Environment Option sets currently on the system in the Tools menu
  4. Recall Environment Option set by name


Tools Menu.jpg


I just asked about this in our LabVIEW user group.

If a persons preferred options were automatically loaded based on you log in is what I would prefer


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