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Save all project as one file

Most of applications we write in LV are contained inside of a project. Saving it to disk creates a lot of files (.lvproj, .vi, .ctl, .aliases, etc) and subdirectories. This is convenient when you want to copy one VI or control to another project, but very inconvenient when sending this project to someone. In this case you have to create an archive to put everything together. Make an option to save all items contained in a project in one file.


Making a Windows Explorer plugin to automatically open such files as directories would be also a nice addition in this case.



Best regards,
Maciej Antonik
National Instruments Poland
Active Participant
Have you tried building a zip file?

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NI Employee



You are right - I can build a zip file automatically, but still I need to unpack it to open it elsewere. So in the end, if I'm working on a project and want to send it somewhere I can build a zip file or zip it manually - it's more or less the same number of clicks. It would be much more convenient if I could just save it and then open it from a single file. I could still extract single VIs/controls or anything else from Project Explorer.

Best regards,
Maciej Antonik
National Instruments Poland
Knight of NI

Back in the days NI came up with LLBs. They were great for getting around the whole 8.3 naming limitation of Windows. Everything in one neat little file...


They were a really bad idea. One corruption in ONE file corrupted the ENTIRE LLB. 

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