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Save a subvi in same file as parent file

That would be usefull to elimimate all the files needed by a polymorphic VI and would also be useful in malleable VIMs where a portion of the code is needed in multiple cases but will or should never be used outside of the VIM.

Knight of NI

I put my polymorphic VIs inside of an LLB.  That should meet your needs.

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I agree it's the closest that can be done with the current tools but that was not the idea. The goal was too have one file visible in the file system only. Putting things inside a llb would mean at least 2 files if i want the inside "main" file to be visible also. Also means more steps to create and also modify my scripting tools to take the llb into consideration.



Proven Zealot

Duplicate (and duplicate is declined):


We are not going to be implementing this.

a) The rise of source-code control systems strongly pushes back against this sort of packaging during development. LabVIEW NXG investigated and concurs with previous analysis.

b) For deployment in LabVIEW 20xx, LLBs exist and serve the role quite well. For LV NXG, deployment is done through packages that go beyond just the VIs and include the necessary support files (such as the help documents) that such a library of VIs would need.

Proven Zealot