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Save LabVIEW.ini in User Profile (suggest Local App Data\National Instruments)

LabVIEW saves configuration data, including Recent Files and Recent Projects, in a single LabVIEW.ini file, by default saved in National Instruments\LabVIEW <Version>.  If more than one user logs onto (and uses) LabVIEW, this "sharing" of the configuration, particularly the path names to files, will probably point to the "wrong" place, as they go by default to the user's <My Documents>\LabVIEW Data.  Note that the NI function "Default Data Directory" will correctly "point to" the user's <My Documents>\LabVIEW Data, but there is no guarantee that the (single) LabVIEW.ini file will be correct for all users.


A simple fix is to save LabVIEW.ini in the user's Profile.  I notice that there is a National Instruments folder in App Data\Local -- this is one place that could be used.  Then if a second user logs on to a PC, he (or she) will have a unique set of saved files/folders in the Configuration file, one that references files in the appropriate <My Documents> folder.

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