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Round towards Zero Primitive

We have a Round towards -Infinity  (3.8 becomes 3,  -3.8 becomes -4)

We have a Round towards +Infinity (3.2 becomes 4, -3.2 becomes 3)

We have a Round to Nearest (Rounds up or down to nearest integer, if 0.5, banker's rounding to even integer)


Why is there no Round towards Zero?  Basically a truncate.  (3.2 becomes 3, -3.2 becomes -3)

I have a use for that right now, but it takes several primitives to work. 


As a corollary, a Round Away from Zero.  (3.2 becomes 4, -3.2 becomes -4)



Message Edited by Ravens Fan on 01-19-2010 04:53 PM

Not as pretty as a regular primitive, but the expression node supports a function that does what you need, intrz(x)




Cant use the intrz(x) function in LV 2010

Knight of NI

"Cant use the intrz(x) function in LV 2010"


Yes you can.