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Right-click to find all instances of a built-in function

Status: New

I can search for objects from the Find dialog, but I would also like to initiate the same search by right-clicking on a function in my block diagram.

David A. Moore, Ph.D.
Moore Good Ideas, Inc.
Active Participant

Agreed! I've often wondered why I can't "Right-click >> Find All Instances", just like I can with a sub VI... This would be a big time saver.



Chris Virgona
Trusted Enthusiast

But you can always select the function and hit Ctrl+F to launch the search dialog box.


The best solution is the one you find it by yourself
Active Participant

Yes... well it would be a "big time saver" for anyone who has difficulty finding the "F" key!  Smiley Tongue


(Anyway, the original idea would still be good for consistency...)

Chris Virgona