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Richer Property Dialogs for Structures

Structures have many right-click options, but the property dialogs are currently very sparse (only label and subdiagram label). Let's compare the current right-click options of a FOR loop with the actual properties dialog, and we can see that many useful properties are missing (visibility of conditional terminal, autogrow setting, etc.). The parallelization has it's own standalone dialog, why not have all these settings on a new tab instead?


I propose that these scattered properties should all be integrated into the single properties dialog to keep things better organized. Here's how the properties dialog of a FOR loop could look like after implementation of this idea.




Similar changes could be made for all other structures.


Knight of NI

There should also be an entry for the visibility and string of the subdiagram label.

Trusted Enthusiast

Am I the only one who wants to double-click on that structure to get the property window?

Active Participant


Active Participant

+1 for the richer dialogs.


Not sure about double-clicking though -- if implemented, the shortcut to bring up the Properties dialog should be consistent for all BD elements (VIs, structures, terminals, constants, shared element nodes, etc.). However, the double-click mechanism for is already used to find FP objects (for terminals), to edit a value (for constants), or to browse for variables (for shared variable nodes)

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Trusted Enthusiast