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Rewrite MODBUS library

Status: New

According to the increasing number of questions about this communication protocol, it would be time to rewrite the MODBUS library. I also suggest to add it to the NI device drivers installer.


This could be the place to list the expected modifications. Some comments and bugs are already listed in above linked page.

Active Participant

make sure you are logged into the NI community which is different from the ni forums and the page. There should be a gray bar near the top that says you are not logged in.


To clarify, neither option is currently officially supported. I try to help out where I can on the new library, but the old one is just a developer zone document.




Yes, it would be great if this was part of the std install so I don't have to go find it and put in the correct location each time I use a new PC.

Active Participant

Maybe the new Modbus driver should be posed on one of the VI Repositories so anyone can access it through VIPM?

Trusted Enthusiast
Trusted Enthusiast

For info, I'm using the new library in my current project.

For now, I have not encountered the least problem.


Many thanks to smithd.