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Reopen VIs that were open when the project was last closed.

This idea is aimed at presenting a more seamless development environment.  I would like to have the files that I was last working on open automatically when I start working.  It seems like this would be a great optional feature to have for the project environment, and the .lvproj file seems like an ideal place for the information to go.  


This would be a nice convenience for getting started in the mornings and for working from more than one computer.


A similar feature is found in Firefox and Google Chrome (and probably other browsers), where the browser will load the pages that were open when it was last closed.


This is no good idea if you are working on a project with several developers and source code control.


If this feature is implemented, I hope there will be a workspace file to carry this information, just like it's now in LabWindows/CVI.


Then we could have the project with all it's essential information in the sorce code control data base and every user could have his own workspace that defines what's actually opened.


Active Participant

I'm not familiar with how workspaces are implemented in other programs, but if it's a file separate from the workspace file, then both the single-user-multiple-locations and multiple-users-single-project should be happy.  I would check my workspace file into source control and then I could maintain a consistent workspace.  You would exclude your workspace file from source control to keep your workspace unique from your coworkers'.