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Remove Unused Inputs

Status: New


For the functions like 'Concatenate Strings' or 'Build Array', when many inputs are unused, you have to remove them one by one with 'Remove Input'.

Perhaps it will be easier with a tool like 'Remove Unused Inputs'.

Best Regards.

Active Participant

How about adding this feature to the Block Diagram Cleanup? To my opinion, this would be the right place.

Edit: Just to make it more clear:  Select the concatenate function with the mouse. Then run the cleanup.

Trusted Enthusiast

Not a duplicate but this has already been proposed specifically for clusters. No reason it should not work with the other functions. Kudos!

LabVIEW 2012

Proven Zealot

The Ctrl-Space-Ctrl-R Quick Drop keyboard shortcut to remove and rewire block diagram objects currently doesn't do anything with the [Shift] modifier.  What if Ctrl-Space-Ctrl-[Shift]-R removed unwired terminals on bundle, Concatenate Strings, Build Array, etc.?

DNatt, NI
Active Participant

I think that's a fine implementation Darren. I know I'd use it.


And here I am adding something to aviod a blantent copy-paste from the other post Smiley Very Happy

Proven Zealot

Darren: The quick drop idea is a nice workaround, but I think the original idea is a better implementation than another magic keyboard incantation. I kudos this idea.


As for the idea of adding it to Block Diagram Cleanup: I like that idea too, but the direct menu item on the node still seems like a useful tool. I suppose you could argue that since BDC can be limited only to selected nodes, that if you just selected one node and hit ctrl+u that it could remove the excess terminals, but that's an indirect way to get the effect, I think. So, still kudos to the original.

Proven Zealot
I agree that it should be a right-click option on the node. That being said, we have a much better chance of seeing the magic Quick Drop implementation sooner...much sooner. 😉
DNatt, NI
Proven Zealot

This functionality was added to Quick Drop in LabVIEW 2012 and later. Select a growable node with extra terminals, press Ctrl-Space, then Ctrl-Shift-R, and all the unwired terminals will be removed. The shortcut currently supports the following growable nodes:


Bundle, Bundle By Name, Unbundle By Name, Build Array, Concatenate Strings, Merge Errors, Property Node


Other growable nodes are not currently supported due to some limitations in VI Scripting.

DNatt, NI
Knight of NI

That's awesome news.  The Format Into String would be the next one I would like.

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