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Remove ONLY broken wires in visible cases/sequences/structures

Status: New

I would like to remove all broken wires that are currently visible, and not ones hidden in other cases.

I want to be able to select a case, review the broken wires, and mass delete (if applicable).   Then select the next case for review.

I never use ctrl-B when working on a large application.  I want to review all broken wires before deleting.. but I hate trying to double or triple-click each wire.


Something similar to this post: broken wires    ...which notes that it can be accomplished with Quick Drop scripting... 


Good idea!

I think it would be even better to have ctrl-B remove only the broken wires inside the currently selected part of the code (if anything is selected).

This would mean some more clicks in your scenario, but it would be safer  when dealig with large diagramms that don't fit onto one screen.

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But, What will happen if they are realted? Like what will happen to the node (use default if not wired?) What will happen in the case of sequential structures?
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I stopped using ctrl-B when the VI gets a case. With this feature the ctrl-B will be safer. Great idea!
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